Veterinary company valuation is our specialty at Burzenski & Company, PC

Practice Valuation

Determining the value of what you do is not a simple equation.


Burzenski & Company Knows Your Business


Over the last 25 years, Burzenski & Company has developed a national reputation as a leader in the area of veterinary practice valuation. With recent increased demand for valuation services, Burzenski & Company provides personal and customized consulting services for veterinary practices that meet a variety of needs. In addition to providing valuation services to practice buyers and sellers, Burzenski & Company’s professional staff is highly skilled in additional valuation services that include:


  • Assisting with the development of buy/sell agreements between principals
  • Assembling credentials to obtain financing
  • Admission of additional partners
  • Helping owners buy out existing partners
  • Preparing estate and gift tax values
  • Valuations for property settlements in divorce proceedings
  • An accurate valuation of a veterinary practice requires a complete knowledge of the standards for average practice expenses, owner compensation, and the market within which the practice exists.


A Custom Approach


The valuation of a veterinary practice cannot be executed by using a simple equation or formula.


Valuations performed by Burzenski & Company are tailored to the specific needs of a practice and rely on the experience, skill and sound judgment of seasoned professionals. Well-versed in all three major categories of valuation: asset-based, earnings-based and market-based, Burzenski & Company will properly identify goals and advise clients regarding the best valuation approach to choose.


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